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Leanna Pittsenbarger, Psy.D.

Leanna Pittsenbarger profile
Psychologist and Heritage College of Medicine Embedded Clinician
Counseling and Psychological Services

Leanna received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Wright State University in July of 2021 after completing her internship at the College of William & Mary's Counseling Center. Leanna is an embedded psychology resident within the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, and is currently preparing for her licensure examination. Although Leanna is still relatively new to the profession a lot of her training has been centered around working with college students. Leanna believes that the most important component to effective therapy is the relationship between provider and client, and therefore Leanna puts a lot of effort into building a strong relationship with those she is seeing for therapy. Leanna also believes in the power of authenticity and transparency within a therapeutic context and tries to decrease the power differential between her and her clients as much as possible. She approaches therapy from an integrative perspective, utilizing person-centered, feminist/ multicultural, and psychodynamic approaches. Leanna identifies as a generalist, meaning that she enjoys/ feels comfortable working with people who come to therapy with a variety of presenting concerns. These include (but are not at all limited to): identity development, relationship/family concerns, depression, graduate student concerns, career development, adjusting and/or transitioning to new phases in life, LGBTQIA+ concerns, student athlete concerns, and academic-related concerns, including ADHD, learning disabilities, etc. In her personal life she enjoys coaching youth softball, watching sports, listening to music, wedding planning, spending time with her family, and playing with her dogs.