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Interns, CRs, BASICS, and Trainees

CPS is also staffed by psychology interns, who are completing doctoral degrees from universities around the country, and trainees from the Clinical Psychology, Counselor Education, and Social Work departments on the OU Athens campus. CPS also has BASICS counselors, who are graduate students trained in alcohol and drug screening and intervention, as well as Counselors-in-Residence who include doctoral graduate students who live in the residence halls and provide outreach and crisis intervention to students on campus.



2016 - 2017 Fellow

Lauren Ranney, Psy.D.

Lauren Ranney is a psychology fellow from Pacific University in Portland, OR. She approaches therapy from a humanistic, holistic, and relational perspective, assisting her clients in understanding themselves in the context of their past, present, and future. Lauren believes that every individual has an innate ability to grow, heal, and change when provided with a safe and supportive environment, and she works from a model of health rather than one of pathology. Lauren’s primary areas of interest include trauma, interpersonal concerns, identity development, multiculturalism, spirituality, depression, grief, loss, and transition. She works primarily from a process-oriented Gestalt approach and incorporates feminist perspectives into her work.


2016 - 2017 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Michelle Barron-Wearsch, M.Ed.

Michelle Barron-Wearsch is a Counseling Psychology doctoral student at Cleveland State University. She has a wide range of clinical experiences working at university counseling centers and community mental health centers, including the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. Michelle aims to develop a strong therapeutic alliance with her clients as she helps them to identify their goals and create personal growth and positive changes in their lives. Her areas of interest include trauma, LGBTQIA issues, anxiety, depression, Veteran and military students, first generation college students, and student athletes. Her therapeutic approach is primarily person-centered while integrating aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and process-oriented Gestalt techniques.

Lindsay Donofrio, M.A.

Lindsay Donofrio is a counseling psychology doctoral student from Chatham University which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Lindsay is passionate about working with college students and has clinical experience working with students from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of concerns. She enjoys having a collaborative and working relationship with her clients in order to promote their personal growth and development. Overall, Lindsay’s areas of interest include interpersonal concerns, identity development, multiculturalism, anxiety, depression, and working with international students. Lindsay’s therapeutic approach incorporates the interpersonal, person-centered, and cognitive-behavioral perspectives of change.


Clinical Counselor Graduate Assistants

Heather Davis Gahagen

Shannon Wilder



Heather Davis Gahagen

Anne Dawson

Shannon Johnson


Clinical Psychology/Counselor Education/Social Work Trainees

Matt Perlman

Kristin Gillett

Brianna Sheridan

P. Maxwell Slepian

Brandon Tramble

Joel Wyatt

Yiying Xiong


BASICS Graduate Assistants

Saryn Cranston

Kristen Fox

Jaclyn "JJ" Lubinski



Past Predoctoral Psychology Interns


2015-2016 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Brad Myers, M.A.

Lauren Ranny, M.S.

Alex Rowell, M.A.


2014-2015 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Paul Carbajal, M.A.

Elisabeth Knauer-Turner, M.S.

Mitch Powers, M.A.


2013-2014 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Joe Bennett, M.A.

Bryan Conrad, M.S.

Kendra Mathys, M.A.


2012-2013 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Melinda Honeycutt, M.A.

Johanna Malaret, M.A.

Amber Silverman, M.A.


2011-2012 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Meghan Kean, M.A.

Matthew Kellar M.A.

Anna Stark. M.S.


2010-2011 Predoctoral Psychology Interns

Kristi Peterson

Brandi Pritchett

Sofie Shouse