Ohio University

Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing with Vault Health

Ohio University has partnered with Vault Health to conduct asymptomatic COVID-19 testing as part of an asymptomatic testing program for students, faculty, and staff. Vault’s test offerings allow OHIO to use a combination of on-site testing for the Athens campus and at-home testing for all other campuses, in addition to at-home testing before students arrive on campus.

Testing asymptomatic individuals helps University leaders understand whether virus incidence is decreasing or increasing among the campus community, providing information about infection rates and trends. It also helps the University identify and isolate positive individuals, with the goal of reducing spread and identifying potential outbreaks.

Vault utilizes a painless, saliva-based PCR test. With a sensitivity and specificity rate of more than 99 percent, the Vault test is a one of the most accurate tests available.