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Required Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Test for OHIO Residential Housing Students, Spring 2022

Housing and Residence Life staff will provide residential students with a COVID-19 test to take home for winter break.  

  • Pick up your test kit in your hall’s staff office from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily between November 19 and December 10. 
  • You are required to complete the supervised test via Zoom and ship it to Vault Health three days before you move back into your residence hall.  
  • If you are living in a residence hall during the winter break, you must test by January 3.
  • Newly arriving Spring Semester students (including international students) will be provided test kits and instructions for testing during check in.
  • If you misplaced your test kit, email COVIDoperations@ohio.edu

Taking Your Test 

  • Your envelope contains the following items: 
    • Sealed package containing test kit 
    • Instruction card 
    • Biohazard bag & alcohol wipe 
    • Pre-paid UPS shipping envelope 
  • Do not open the sealed package containing the test kit until you are logged into Zoom with your test supervisor. Opening the sealed test kit prematurely will invalidate your sample. 
  • Do not eat, drink, chew, or smoke anything for at least 30 minutes before giving the sample, but hydrate well before this 30-minute fast. 
  • You must use your OHIO email address and PID when registering your test. Find your PID
  • Log in to covid.vlt.co and follow the instructions to register your test. After you have registered your test kit, you will be connected with a test supervisor who will supervise your test via Zoom. Allow about 20 minutes for this process. Read more from Vault Health [PDF]
  • Photograph or write down your test kit ID number and the tracking number on the return pouch before mailing it back. 
  • If you have any questions or need assistance with your test, please contact Vault Health’s Customer Care directly at 212-880-5494. If you have any questions about this at-home testing program, please contact Ohio University at COVIDoperations@ohio.edu
At-home COVID-19 test kit

Shipping Your Test Kit to Vault Health 

Ship the test back using the prepaid UPS shipping label before 4 p.m. local time or as soon as possible after you take it. You may also request a UPS pickup. Locate a UPS drop-off point

You will receive your result via email in 48–72 hours. Your result will reflect your health at the time you took the test. To stay healthy, it is important to continue practicing public health measures like wearing a mask indoors in public settings or with any unvaccinated individuals, monitoring symptoms, and washing hands. 

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