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Modified Classrooms

Staff have taken great care in considering how to set up healthy and equitable learning environments for students and faculty on all Ohio University campuses. All classrooms on the Athens and Regional campuses have been assessed centrally, and new lower density capacities were assigned to each room, based on the furniture configuration, circulation, and room layout. 

Space planning and classroom set-up  

  • Each classroom was measured and laid out to allow for three feet of distance between each student. Desks are either spaced apart or marked to allow for only one student at tables that would normally accommodate more.
  • An area at the front of each room is marked for instructional space, giving the instructor at least 6 feet of distance to the front row of students.
  • For classrooms with more than one door, ingress and egress is clearly marked.
  • The University will be implementing a cap of 30 students in person on any given day, so there will be no more than 30 students in any classroom. If there are additional seats in the room, they have been blocked off or removed.
  • Floor markings show where each table, desk, or chair should be positioned to appropriately space the configuration after room cleaning, or in the event furniture is inadvertently moved.
  • Seats that cannot be occupied are either marked or removed from a room.
  • Some courses may be held in nontraditional rooms that are converted into classrooms with the appropriate furniture and technology.  

Behavior and expectations in the classroom

  • Students entering a classroom should take the seat farthest from the door, in order minimize contact between students.
  • Students and faculty should not move any classroom furniture.
  • Upon arriving in a classroom, students and faculty will be expected to sanitize their desk/workstation with available supplies. Upon exiting, students nearest the door will exit first.

Cleaning and sanitizing

  • Hand sanitizing stations are installed throughout classroom buildings, primarily located at the entrances and/or near building elevators.
  • At the entrance to each classroom, there will be disinfecting supplies for students to take to their desks/seats to clean before class (similar to what one would do with gym equipment, but before instead of after use).
  • All classrooms will be inspected by professional staff daily.

Class Laboratories  

Many class labs will need to function differently in order ensure safe distancing between faculty and students. Class labs have been reviewed by faculty and department staff. The University Planning office assisted in assessing spaces and provided guidance for how to modify spaces appropriately for their function.