COVID-19 Related Exemptions

Below you will find information about exemptions that are related to COVID-19 requirements at OHIO. Securing an exemption to one requirement does not exempt an individual from other COVID-19 public health requirements. Each has its own exemption request process.

COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption

Some experiential learning program partners, including clinical placement sites and study abroad programs and destinations, have COVID-19 vaccination requirements that students, faculty, and staff must meet to participate. Requirements may include documenting proof of vaccination or going through an exemption process. Individuals who do not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for medical reasons or for sincerely held religious beliefs can apply for an exemption.

Note: You must be logged into your OHIO account to access the vaccination exemption request form

Face Covering Exemption

If and when masks are required on OHIO campuses, employees, students, and visitors who are unable to wear a face covering for medical or religious reasons may request reasonable accommodation for face coverings.