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OHIO COVID Campus Liaisons

To address the needs of individuals on OHIO campuses who are acutely affected by COVID-19, OHIO COVID Operations has built a team of COVID campus liaisons (CCLs). COVID campus liaisons are trained and ready to assist students, faculty and staff with any need that may arise when COVID affects them in some way. All communications with CCLs are confidential, private and subject to HIPAA and FERPA regulations, with the goal of balancing the safety of the community and the privacy of the individuals involved.

Our CCLs work in many ways to achieve two main goals:

  • Provide direct care and support to individuals on behalf of Ohio University
  • Protect the university community more broadly by ensuring individuals can successfully and safely manage quarantine or isolation

OHIO CCLs help students, faculty and staff on all OHIO campuses who have tested positive or were potentially exposed to COVID-19 access the resources and services they need. By helping individuals successfully manage COVID-19 experiences, we can help keep our campus communities safe.

Through a partnership with the Athens City-County Health Department and the State of Ohio, our team of CCLs conducts case investigations and contact tracing for OHIO-related COVID-19 exposures on the Athens campus. This will allow us to help affected individuals efficiently and comprehensively.

When an OHIO community member tests positive, is exposed to a COVID-positive individual or submits an Incident Report form, they are assigned a CCL, who will be in contact to connect them with appropriate resources and services, including COVID-19 testing. CCLs also process the paperwork that gives people in isolation or quarantine clearance to return to campus; submitting the required COVID-19 Incident Report form promptly and staying in touch with CCLs are important steps in making a timely return to campus.

Our CCL team is available by phone (740.566.8445) and email (COVIDoperations@ohio.edu) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and noon to 5 p.m. on weekends.

COVID campus liaisons help with all of the following and more:

  • Assistance navigating all elements of COVID: access to testing, medical care, mental health support and community resources
  • Being there to listen and support
  • Help with planning and strategizing for a successful quarantine, isolation or return to normal activities
  • Liaise with and notify campus partners and university offices
  • Contact tracing
  • Return-to-campus process and access restriction
  • Regular check-ins and support
  • Connection to specific support services and resources
  • Academic and employment success
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Entertainment and things to do
  • Basic needs, food security, etc.
  • Access (micro-grants, tech resources, childcare, etc.)
  • Other needs and concerns

If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have any other OHIO campus-related COVID questions, on any OHIO campus, contact the COVID Operations team at 740.566.8445 or email COVIDoperations@ohio.edu.

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Campus Liaisons

Maisy Adams, COVID campus liaison

Maisy Adams
COVID Campus Liaison

Steffany Almanzar headshot

Steffany Almanzar
COVID Campus Liaison

Andrea Anderson, COVID campus liaison

Andrea Anderson
COVID Campus Liaison

Chelsie Bickel headshot

Chelsie Bickel
COVID Campus Liaison

Shavon Bailey, COVID campus liaison

Shavon Bailey
COVID Campus Liaison 

Placeholder profile image

Patricia Bodin
COVID Campus Liaison

Placeholder profile image

Natasha Bruce
COVID Campus Liaison 

Brittany Eckert, COVID campus liaison

Brittany Eckert
COVID Campus Liaison

Natasha Nidzovic Flanigan, COVID campus liaison

Natasa Nidzovic Flanigan
COVID Campus Liaison

Tracy Galway, COVID campus liaison

Tracy Galway
COVID Campus Liaison 

Elizabeth Jones, COVID campus liaison

Elizabeth Jones
COVID Campus Liaison

Placeholder profile image

Mary Kate Kennedy
COVID Campus Liaison

Placeholder profile image

Diana Marvel
COVID Campus Liaison

Chloe McDowell headshot

Chloe McDowell
COVID Campus Liaison

Placeholder profile image

Andraelya Moody
COVID Campus Liaison

Emily Salopeck, COVID campus liaison

Emily Salopeck
COVID Campus Liaison

Brad Seligmann, COVID campus liaison

Brad Seligmann
COVID Campus Liaison 

Mackenzie Thomson headshot

MacKenzie Thomson
COVID Campus Liaison

Alyssa Toshimitsu headshot

Alyssa Toshimitsu
COVID Campus Liaison

Tony Tyler headshot

Tony Tyler
COVID Campus Liaison

Lindsey Ward, COVID campus liaison

Lindsey Ward
COVID Campus Liaison

Katie Wright headshot

Katie Wright
COVID Campus Liaison

Margaret Cabrera headshot

Margaret Cabrera
COVID-19 Case Management Support Specialist

Jivanto Van Hemert headshot

Jivanto Van Hemert
Director of Case Management & COVID Response Operations

Contact Tracing

Once a positive case is identified, a COVID Campus Liaison will contact the patient and begin contact tracing on behalf of Athens City-County Health Department. Anyone who was in close contact with the individual within the window of disease onset will be contacted and must isolate from other individuals for 14 days. 

Close contact is considered within six feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes in a 24-hour period. Students who were in class or in other spaces with a positive student during which all individuals were maintaining a six-foot physical distance will likely not be considered close contacts or have a need for monitoring or isolation.