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A reminder of leave usage policies from Human Resources

The following memo was sent to Ohio University deans, vice presidents, directors and department heads by Interim Chief Human Resources Officer Paul Sundberg to serve as a reminder of the leave usage policies in place for University employees.

In an effort to recruit and retain talented faculty and staff, the university provides several ways to help individuals manage their professional responsibilities along with their personal commitments.

Applicable policies can be found below along with additional information about ways that the university can assist its employees in finding equilibrium between the personal and the professional. Please take the time to review leave usage policies with your staff.

Pilot Parental Leave Program

Vacation and Winter Closure Time for Administrative and Classified Employees - Policy 41.000

Paid sick leave for faculty and administrative staff – Policy 40.029

Paid sick leave for classified – Policy 40.030

Leaves of Absence for faculty and administrative staff – Policy 41.128

Leaves of Absence for classified staff – Policy 40.033

Personal Days for Classified Employees – Policy 40.0281

Personal Leave for Administrative Employees – Policy 40.0271

Until we are able to capture all leave usage information electronically for faculty and administrative staff, it is necessary to report all vacation and sick leave usage via the paper Paid Time Off form which is
accessible online at http://www.ohio.edu/hr/forms.cfm.

Please ensure that your unit has an established and well-known protocol for submitting forms. The forms should be submitted in a timely manner to the Payroll Office so employee accrual information may be reported and managed accurately.

It is recommended that the forms be sent no later than two business days after the leave.

Regarding Personal Days, the employee is required to notify his or her immediate supervisor (or other designated person) of the intention to take a personal day as soon as possible, but no later than one-half hour after the employee's scheduled time to start work.