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OHIO Facilities Management and Safety begins exterior renovations to Jennings House

On July 26, 2018, Facilities Management and Safety began exterior renovations to Jennings House. 

The scope of the project includes replacement of the structure’s roof, repair to wood trim, scraping of existing loose paint and re-painting of the entire house.

Members of the Facilities Paint Shop will be performing the paint removal and will initially be seen wearing Tyvek protective suits and respirators. Ohio law mandates our staff wear the personal protective equipment until a safe practice assessment has been completed to ensure technicians are not exposed to hazardous lead particles that will be removed during the project. There is no exposure danger to pedestrians or those in the vicinity of Jennings House. 

Once safe practices are verified, technicians should no longer be required to don the respirators or wear the Tyvek covering.

Facilities Management and Safety is coordinating closely with Jennings House staff and will continue to keep them updated on progress until the project’s completion. Please contact Facilities Management and Safety for any questions or concerns at 740-593-2911.