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OHIO Professional Development Pathways officially launches

The Badging and Certification Project will provide on-the-job professional development opportunities for Ohio University employees through new learning opportunities recorded in Blackboard. The first badges are now available, with the full program launching during the 2018-2019 academic year.

The Badging and Certification Project team is pleased to announce the launch of the first two certificates within the OHIO Professional Development Pathways (OHIO PDP) program. Each certificate requires the completion of 11 classroom or e-learning courses, developed internally by our finance and training teams, to provide well-rounded knowledge and practical application of skills. Beginning Aug. 1, the first group of certificate courses will open for registration. Additional courses will be launched on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

New courses available on Aug. 1 include:

  • Cash Handling and PCI Compliance (e-learning course)
  • Chart of Accounts Fundamentals (instructor-led, classroom course)
  • Internal Awards (registration is by invitation only)

A new “OBI Fundamentals” course will be available on Aug. 20. This course reflects input from the Accounting and Reporting Partner Group and is coordinated with Oracle upgrades that will take place at that time. A short OBI Navigation video will accompany this course as pre-work.

Employees can earn their first badge by taking “Introduction to Blackboard,” a 10-minute course that will acquaint staff with navigating Blackboard and introduce eLearning training courses. To take this course, log in to Blackboard using your OHIO ID and password and click “[Your Planning Unit Name] - Introduction to Blackboard” under My Organizations.

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To register for additional courses:

  • Visit Human Resource’s Professional Development website and go to the “Courses” section.
  • Locate the course in the list, or use the search feature to search for courses by keyword
  • Click on that course’s registration link, and complete the form.

Participants will receive a registration confirmation email upon form submission. After registration, participants will be enrolled in the course via Blackboard and will receive an enrollment confirmation email with next steps once the enrollment is processed. 

In the event of technical difficulties with Blackboard, please contact the IT Service Desk at 740-593-1222 and identify yourself as a Professional Development Pathways or OHIO PDP program participant. For non-technical information about the OHIO PDP program, please contact the Employee Service Center at 740-593-1636 or uhr@ohio.edu.