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Utilities work underway for new College of Medicine building

A utilities project laying the groundwork for the new Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (HCOM) building began in the fall and will continue through the end of calendar year 2019. The project features multiple phases of construction with associated roadway and sidewalk closures on Riverside Drive, Factory Street, and West Union Street. The impacts of each phase of construction will be shared with the campus community through notifications from the University Service Center and Transportation and Parking Services.

The first phase of the utilities project, completed in September 2018, included installation of a new heating system for the HRTC building, which was necessary to remove from service existing heating piping that traverses the new building site.

Phase two of the project, which began in December and will be completed in May, includes the construction of chilled water piping and duct bank along Factory Street and the relocation of existing utilities so they do not interfere with construction of the new building. Design and Construction staff are also working with local public utility providers to have overhead utilities removed from the building site. During this phase of construction, there will be significant impact with multiple roadway closures on Factory Street and West Union Street. The final part of this phase involves a full closure of West Union Street, which is scheduled to coincide with Spring Break from March 9-17.

The third, and final, phase of the utilities project is slated for construction beginning in September 2019 and will involve the new utility connections for the new HCOM building.