Bobcat Bike Valet

Community members' bikes will be stored during the Sept. 16 OHIO football game as part of the new Bobcat Bike Valet service.

Photo courtesy of: Office of Sustainability

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Free bicycle valet parking available near Peden Stadium during Sept. 16 OHIO football game

Complimentary bike valet parking service is coming to OHIO football.

This Saturday, Sept. 16, the community is encouraged to ride their bicycles to Peden Stadium for the 12 p.m. start against Kansas; OHIO’s free Bobcat Bike Valet service will take care of your bikes during the football game.

Instead of fighting traffic, enjoy a ride along the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway as you make your way to the stadium to cheer on your Bobcats against the Jayhawks. Check-in your bicycle with Bobcat Bike Valet up to an hour before game-time, and return for the ride home within an hour of the end of the game. In-between, let the Bobcats care for your transportation.

Located on South Green Drive in front of Margaret M. Walter Hall, just across from Peden Stadium, Bobcat Bike Valet makes the ride to and from the game fun and easy for the whole family.

OHIO Athletics, Transportation and Parking Services and the Office of Sustainability are pleased to support an alternative ride to the game.

This article was provided by the Office of Sustainability.