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African Night

African Night poster

Graphic courtesy of: African Students Union

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African Night to celebrate African culture Sept. 23

Tickets are $7

Ohio University African Students Union will host African Night at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23 in Walter Hall Rotunda.

Tickets cost $7 and will be available outside of the Baker University Center fourth floor leading up to the event.

The annual event, which is cosponsored by Student Senate the International Student Union, is a unique platform where students and faculty –African and non-African –gather to share the different cultures of Africa in the spirit of establishing the continent’s presence in the rich diversity of Ohio University.

African Night features entertainment, cuisine and other cultural expressions that reflect the beauty of the continent. Beyond building a bond between Africans on campus, it also serves the purpose of outreach and education.

One of ASU’s goals is to teach everyone more about Africa and African culture and African Night makes this possible. In previous years, the event has been well attended this year should be no different.

For more information, contact James J. Fisher at jf506116@ohio.edu.