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Bargaining unit staff celebrated at Facilities Management and Safety picnic and awards ceremony

Ohio University bargaining unit staff were recognized for their contributions and service to the University Thursday, Aug. 3, during the Facilities Management and Safety Picnic and Awards Ceremony, with sessions held in the afternoon at the West State Street Park and in the evening at Nelson Banquet Hall. 

Leaders from Facilities Management and Safety and the Division of Finance and Administration recognized 175 bargaining unit employees for their 2016 and 2017 service anniversaries of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service to Ohio University.

Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Safety Steve Wood welcomed all the employees in attendance and shared his appreciation on behalf of the University. 

“Thanks for all you do every day,” he said. “Campus, University leadership, students, and faculty care about what you do every day. I appreciate you and the University appreciates you and your dedicated service to the institution.”

Wood noted a number of recent accomplishments by Facilities Management and Safety. Those accomplishments included responding to multiple power and water outages and other such events, reducing campus energy consumption, increasing customer satisfaction, securing Tree City USA designation, and receiving recognition from the Ohio and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for sustainability efforts.

During the afternoon session, Vice President for Finance and Administration Deb Shaffer joined Wood in recognizing the contributions of the bargaining unit employees. 

“The importance of this event was to show our great appreciation for all of these employees whose impact is seen on campus every day and to thank them for their significant contributions to Ohio University.” 

The following employees were recognized for their service.

2016 Anniversary Awards
5 Years of Service

Debbie Bowers
Adam Canter
Gary Canter
Carl Coffman
Timothy Howman
Ronda Ketchum
Joshua McElfresh
Gary Nott
Timothy Snedden
Roger Vickers
Tammy Vickers
Richard Wolfe
Robert Foust
Jared Whitehead
Doreen Winters

10 Years of Service
Barbara Dane
Sarah Fabiny
Linda Goodfellow
Mary Imboden
Patrick Kempton
Elizabeth Roush
Karen Sheets
Michael Shiltz
Lacy Smith
Shaun Thacker
Bobbie Workman
Dan Preston
Kenneth Stocker

15 Years of Service
Valerie Babics
Eric Bingman
Renee Bircher
John Bobo
David Brown
Michael Dailey
Matthew Dillon
Ronald Foster
Debra Grueser
Elizabeth Harris
Judith Jack
Jeffrey Kirkendall
John Kroutel
Keith Lackey
Tracy Lanning
David Locke
Dan Maccabee
Dowden Mayle
Robert Pickett
Jesse Richmond
Mark Robbins
Mary Russell
Jenny Seymour
Kenneth Smith
Chad Thomas
Gina Thomas
Seth Waldron
Donna Wolfe

20 Years of Service 
James Andrews
Karen Bernard
Sarah Birchfield
Robert Black
George Blair Jr.
Terry Brown 
Gary Carter
Timothy Demosky
James Goodfellow
Leslie Gwinn
Earl Hanning
George Hart
Alvin Hopple
William Lawless
Nancy Mingus
Alvin Smith
Steven Wilkes
Perry Smith

25 Years of Service
Jeffrey Day
John Hedges
John Judson
Debbie Sherman
Carl Triplett
Brian Welch
Connie Welch
Rodney Darner
Dallas Pulley

30 Years of Service 
John Miller
Helen Secoy
Eric Lindner
Douglas Sherman
Eugene Johnson
Scott Bearhs
Gary Tribe
Patrici Vore
Joan McGowan

35 Years of Service 
Christopher Dille

2017 Anniversary Awards
5 Years of Service 

Andrew Andrews
Johni Barley
Chris Berry
Timothy Grubb
David Henry Jr. 
Cory Sargent
Matthew Weaver
Lacy Wolf
Diana Stover

10 Years of Service 
Jennifer Baker
Marlin Baker
Shane Bolyard
Karl Brown
Jill Burke
Stephanie Cain
Diana Costilow
Betty Emmert
Todd Grubb
Michael Hornsby
David Smith
Donald Tinkham Jr. 
Deloris (B) Zimmerman

15 Years of Service
Becky Andrews
Wayne Bolin
Gary Brooks Sr.
Kermit Clark
Roy Clonch Jr. 
Barry Douglas
Dave Essex
Kurtis Hall
Debra Hardy
Debra Howard
Charles (Chuck) Hunter
Darla Jenkins
Jerod Jordan
Colette Locke
David Pennington
Terrie Rector
Joshua Reed
Joseph Rudolph
Robert Shover
Margaret (Peggy) Story
Douglas Stutler
Thomas Weekley
Kim White
Kevin Howard
Gregory Perry
Ilene Seitz

20 Years of Service 
Tammy Bump
Guard Franklin Dickens Jr. 
Lynee Dunn
Bryant Facemyer
Patrick Hynes
Timothy Mayles
Warren Schall
Beverlee Simons
Susan Wherley
Lisa Williamson
Debra Young
Eric Johnson

25 Years of Service 
Sharon Darnell
Jewell, Robert Alan
Tim Keirns
Joyce Mayle
Cheryl Sabo-Skinner
Stacey Scott
Gary Conley
Jeffrey Lloyd
Donald Wayne

30 Years of Service
Donna Buck
Larry Ervin
Ronald Hacker Jr. 
Steven Hamon
Jerry Jackson
David Miller
Anthony Pennington
Randol Roberts Sr. 
Paula Schoonover
Brend Tyson
Jon Ulbrich
Alex Zimmerman

35 Years of Service 
Charles Clonch

30 years of service

Employees honored for their 30 years of service in 2017 during the afternoon picnic. Photos by Ben Siegel and Kaitlin Owens. 

25 years of service

Employees honored for their 25 years of service in 2016 during the afternoon picnic.

20 years of service

Employees honored for their 20 years of service in 2016 during the afternoon picnic.

20 years of service

Employees honored for their 20 years of service in 2017 during the afternoon picnic.

20 years of service

Employees honored for their 20 years of service in 2017 during the evening ceremony.

Alvin Smith

Alvin Smith is honored for his 20 years of service to the University in 2016 during the evening ceremony.

Chistopher Dille

Christopher Dille was honored for his 35 years of service to the University in 2016.

John Miller

John Miller was honored for his 25 years of service to the University in 2016.

25 years of service

Employees honored for their 25 years of service to the University in 2017.