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Ohio University Press authors in Washington Post

Ohio University Press author Keren Weitzberg published an analysis in the Washington Post on Aug. 11.

In "Instead of a Big, Beautiful Wall, We Should Rethink Our Idea of Borders," Weitzberg draws on her research for "We Do Not Have Borders: Greater Somalia and the Predicaments of Belonging in Kenya," which has just been released as part of the acclaimed New African Histories series. "In Africa, where heavily securitized borders are not the norm, it is easier to see the nation-state for what it is: a political invention.

African efforts to rethink colonial boundaries are suggestive of possibilities for countries the world over. We may think of our inherited borders as immutable, but they are in fact the result of messy, contested historical processes," she writes.

Also on Friday, the Post's Monkey Cage blog reviewed Jennifer Tappan's "The Riddle of Malnutrition: The Long Arc of Biomedical and Public Health Interventions in Uganda."

Writing that, "This book could change the way you think about health interventions," blogger and political scientist Kim Yi Dionne declared it her favorite summer read. "Why was it my favorite? I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed reading all of the books in this summer’s series. But Tappan’s excellent and deeply researched book reads almost like a novel: At the end of each chapter, I needed to keep going to learn what happened next."

Ohio University Press is one of the world's leading publishers in the field of African studies.