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P2P Improvements Coming Soon

Over the past six months, the P2P Improvements Project Team has worked to streamline processes and improve BobcatBUY (BCB) functionality for campus users. An objective for the project is to eliminate duplicative process steps, streamline workflow steps, and reduce processing times. Some of the changes coming in August include a new Supplier/Payee Information Form for use with the standard W9, a new Payment Request process, a new form for creating requisitions for Service Agreements, and an enhanced Payment Dashboard. 

In August, the OHIO Substitute W9 will be replaced with the new Supplier/Payee Information Form used in conjunction with the Standard IRS W9. This should provide for a more familiar onboarding process for suppliers doing business with OHIO.

Within BobcatBUY, users enter data with standard forms. Several new forms will be rolled out to campus, while many current forms will be replaced.

  • The Payment Request Form will be used to process direct payments, honorariums, participant payments, reimbursements and refunds. This form will allow users to enter any new or updated supplier information at the same time the user submits a payment request, accomplishing both the supplier entry and the payment request simultaneously. For some types of payments, multiple payments can be submitted on the same payment request. The Payment Request Form will replace the Direct Payments (DP) Form and the Honorarium Requisition. The form will not require the creation of a requisition or purchase order. 
  • The Service Agreement Form streamlines the creation of a requisition for service agreements. Rather than duplicating information already contained on our standard agreements or contracts, the PDF documents are attached with only minimal required information. New supplier information can also be added to the form. Current standard agreements include: the Comprehensive Service Agreement (IC Comprehensive Agreement) and the Short Form Service Agreement (known as IC EZ form). Purchasing is working closely with Legal Affairs to develop additional Template Agreements that utilize Ohio University terms and conditions. Under University signature subdelegation, CFAOs are able to sign any template agreements for expenditures of up to $50,000. The BCB Service Agreement Form will replace the following BCB entry forms: Comprehensive IC Requisition, the IC EZ Requisition, and the Service Agreement PO forms. 
  • The processing of non-catalog items has also been improved. As shoppers adds non-catalog items to their cart, they can also include the information to establish a new supplier. 

The Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Payments Dashboard has been enhanced to allow users to track payments from the request to the check clearing the bank. This dashboard enhancement should make it easier for campus users to check the status of payments and answer supplier questions. 

In advance of the rollout of new functionality, the P2P Improvements Team will host a P2P Information Session from 9-10 a.m. and 12-1 p.m. (before and after the next Business Forum) on Aug. 7, 2017, in Baker University Center 242. Attendees can see demonstrations of the training video, get answers to questions, and learn about the changes coming soon.

Training will be available Aug. 7, 2017 on the Finance website as a self-study video with a follow up Q&A session Aug. 14, 2017. The Project Team will share details soon. 

Questions? Contact Julie Allison at allison@ohio.edu