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Individual Compensation Distribution Module to replace EMS

During November 2017, in coordination with the Financial System Enhancements project go-live, the new Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD) module will be implemented in Oracle to replace the additional compensation and contract processes currently handled within EMS (Employee Management System).

The decision to replace EMS with ICD was made in collaboration with the Compensation and Payroll Partner Groups and the RC Strategy Group based on the cost of remediating EMS for the new Chart of Accounts. The desired outcome is a reduction in the number of paper processes currently associated with processing additional compensation such as overloads, enhance approval workflows, and eliminate system limitations inherent in EMS. This is part of a long term strategy to move financial and HR related processes into Oracle. ICD will be supported by enhanced reporting within OBI.

Access to ICD, training and rollout details as well as information regarding when EMS will be retired will be shared in the coming months via Business Matters, Compass, the Business Forum and direct email to impacted individuals.

For specific questions related to EMS contact payroll@ohio.edu. For questions related to ICD contact compensation@ohio.edu.