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OHIO Professional Development Pathways introduces on-line training registration; new certificates will launch Aug. 1

The Professional Development Pathways program will provide on-the-job professional development opportunities for Ohio University employees through new learning opportunities recorded in Blackboard. The first badges are available now, with the full program launching during the 2018-2019 academic year.

On-line course registration has recently been added as a new feature on the OHIO Professional Development Pathways website. Currently, this option includes two courses: “Performance Management for Non-Supervisors” and “Search Committee Training.”

To sign up for these courses, participants should go to the Professional Development Pathways Certificates and Courses page and follow the registration instructions. Making these courses available through Professional Development Pathways increases awareness of these important training opportunities while providing an opportunity to test the registration and enrollment process that will be used to enroll employees in all future certificate courses.

Course Development for new certificates in Accounting and Purchasing is underway. The first group of certificate courses will be available on Aug. 1, with several additional courses introduced on a monthly or bi-monthly basis throughout the remainder of the year. Outlines for each of these certificates, including brief course descriptions, can be found on the Certificates and Courses page.

For questions or additional information, please email uhr@ohio.edu.