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OHIO hosts secondary school counselors from India

Ohio University Undergraduate Admissions hosted a stop on a “fly-in tour” of secondary school counselors from India on April 30.

“Out of the 16 schools represented by these counselors, the combined enrollment is about 35,000,” said Vicki Seefeldt West, senior assistant director for international recruitment. “This visit was important because these counselors are influencers who will help students select the right college, which for some of them will be Ohio University.”

“It also made the counselors more effective – they can better advise on something they’ve experienced,” said Seefeldt West. The event included sessions on OHIO colleges that are popular with Indian undergraduates, a campus resource fair and a chance for the counselors to engage with current OHIO students from India.

“The fly-in visit was part of our overall strategy to diversify our international recruitment, and it shows Ohio University’s commitment to global education,” said Craig Cornell, senior vice provost for strategic enrollment management. Cornell cited other efforts Undergraduate Admissions has undertaken in this effort, including recruitment visits to 11 countries in 2017 and partnerships abroad that help OHIO reach international education markets, including China, India and beyond.

For the fly-in visit, OHIO worked in partnership with KIC UnivAssist, a New Jersey-based international student recruitment firm, to bring the counselors to campus. It was one of a number of stops to American universities during their visit. Cornell called the visit a success and said that Undergraduate Admissions is excited to host similar visits going forward.

Lorna Jean Edmonds, vice provost for global affairs and international studies, met with the group in the morning and then shared her memories of working in India and why OHIO is a natural fit for students during the luncheon with the counselors and OHIO faculty and staff. She also expressed her gratitude that she could return some of the gracious hospitality extended to her during her many visits to the country.

“The counselors play a vital role in the recruitment of international students. We learned a great deal from them about what their students are looking for and the questions we need to answer as they make their selection of where they will pursue their undergraduate education.” Edmonds said. ”We want to welcome students from India to enrich our campus and exchange intellectual, social and cultural experiences and perspectives.”

“Recruitment from India is very competitive, so the opportunity to host them is special. The day led by Vicki Seefeldt West and colleagues provided an informative, memorable an impactful day. Seeing and experiencing Ohio University provided a whole new perspective on just how special and distinct we are and why OHIO is an ideal location for Indian students to achieve their academic goals in such a rich and welcoming university and Appalachia/U.S. community,” she said.

Edmonds highlighted the significant ties Ohio University has with India and explained how OHIO’s alumni are successful and impactful, such as 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, who earned his Ph.D. in physics at OHIO.

“Ohio University is a global leader in higher education committed to excellence in academia and experiential learning and offering an opportunity to make long lasting friendships with others from across the United States and from around the world ,” Edmonds said. “And Ohio University offers an unparalleled tight-knit community that makes all of the aspirations of our students possible.”