Friday, May 24, 2019

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Interim Executive Vice President and Provost announces reorganization of University Equity and Civil Rights

University Equity and Civil Rights Compliance (ECRC) has been reorganized to increase the visibility, efficiency and effectiveness of services for our students, faculty, and staff and visitors to our campuses.

In approaching these changes, we have focused on committing resources to increasing prevention efforts and to improve timelines for response to complaints of discrimination and harassment.

As a result of this reorganization, several individuals will take on new or enhanced duties and responsibilities. Effective May 16, Sara Trower, who previously served as the ECRC executive director, will shift focus on training and outreach efforts across all of the University’s campuses and learning modalities as the University Civil Rights Compliance training and outreach coordinator. Kerri Griffin, who has served as an Assistant Director in the office, will step into the role of interim Director and Title IX coordinator with a focus on management of the process for investigating complaints of discrimination and harassment. ECRC will also launch searches to fill current vacancies for two investigator positions. Judy Piercy, known for her many years of work with students in many leadership roles in the Division of Student Affairs, as well as former University Ombudsperson, will join the office on a part-time basis to serve as the intake coordinator for the student sexual misconduct process.

Under Trower’s leadership, Ohio University increased prevention efforts in October 2017 with the implementation of the EVERFI/Lawroom online education module called Bridges: Building a Supportive Community to help equip OHIO faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a culture of respect that does not tolerate sexual misconduct and prepares them to respond appropriately when such incidents occur.

We are hopeful that these efforts will help to foster a safe and supportive environment at Ohio University for everyone.