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Ohio University Police Chief Andrew Powers

Photo courtesy of: Ohio University Police Department

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OUPD shares safety tips for winter break

The following message was sent to Athens Campus students, faculty and staff by Ohio University Police Department Chief Andrew Powers on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Whether you reside in one of our residence halls or in an off-campus house or apartment, as you are preparing to leave for winter break, please keep in mind crime prevention and safety for your residence while you're gone.   
Although we will be vigilant throughout the break, we can't be everywhere at once. Thieves are very aware that many of our community members will soon be away and see this time as an opportunity to find easy targets. Don't help the thieves! Here are a few ways you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime:

  • If you have valuable items that are portable such as cash, jewelry, and electronic items (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.), consider taking them with you.
  • Make sure all windows are locked, especially those that are accessible from the ground or fire escapes. If possible, close interior window treatments to block the view from outside.
  • Have a trusted individual collect mail from your mailbox for you, or hold mail service (for three or more consecutive days) for the time you will be gone:
  • Don't use social media to update your status in a way that makes it clear you aren't in Athens. If you really feel the need to "check in" somewhere while you're gone, make sure the post is only visible to trusted friends.
  • Consider using timers for light fixtures that don't generate heat (such as LED bulbs).
  • Make sure the exterior doors are all securely locked and pulled tight when you go and don't forget your keys! 
  • Make sure you and your roommates all understand the security plan; the last one to leave is the most critical in terms of ensuring your residence is secure.

Have a safe and enjoyable break!

Andrew D. Powers
Chief of Police