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Paul Koval

Paul Koval graduated from OHIO's Patton College of Education in 1948.

Photo courtesy of: Ann Koval

Koval 3

The Koval family. From left to right: Paul, Ann, Paul and Irene.

Photo courtesy of: Ann Koval

Koval 4

The Paul and Irene Koval Endowed Memorial Scholarship was named by Ann Koval in honor of her parents who were devoted educators their entire lives.

Photo courtesy of: Ann Koval

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A gift to OHIO from an uncommon alumna

Giving back has been a tried and true tradition for Ohio University graduates. Many alumni wish to give back to their alma mater to honor their memories of their time on campus or to support a specific program. But Ann Koval is an 1983 and 1987 graduate of the Ohio State University. So she decided to amend that tradition.

“I want to inspire other non-OHIO graduates, whether it’s in name of their relatives or friends, to donate to OHIO,” she said.

Ann Koval’s gift, the Paul and Irene Koval Endowed Memorial Scholarship, supports students enrolled in or accepted to OHIO’s Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education who show academic merit. The gift is part of the OHIO Match program, which matches 50 cents on every dollar donated to scholarships established under the program’s criteria.

The scholarship honors Ann Koval’s parents, Paul and Irene, who were life-long educators. Paul Koval graduated from OHIO’s Patton College of Education in 1948.

“My father talked a lot about his time at OHIO,” said Ann Koval. “He was very pleased with the education he got there.”

Paul Koval grew up on a farm in Freeport, Ohio. He enrolled in OHIO in 1942 and studied for two years while working as a janitor to pay for his education. He left after he was drafted into the U.S. Army and later returned to earn his college degree, the first in his family to do so.

“He used to tell me about how poor he was in college and that his meals would sometimes just consist of a cup of popcorn,” Ann Koval said about the sacrifices her father made to garner college education.

Paul Koval taught mathematics at several schools in Alliance, Ohio, where he met his wife, Irene Rowan, who taught English and Spanish. Paul Koval later became the director of curriculum and instructional services for Dover (Ohio) City Schools. He served as the president of the Dover Education Association, was a member of the Ohio Education Association, was a life member of the National Education Association, and was a charter member of the McKinley Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Education Honor Society. He retired in 1983 after a 35-year career in education.

“He was devoted to education and helping young people,” Ann Koval said. “He was an educator to the very end.”

Ann Koval hopes students who are awarded the Paul and Irene Koval Endowed Memorial Scholarship love their career in education as much as her parents did.

“I want them to go on to make a career and inspire young students to learn and achieve as much as they can,” she said.

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