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Latest ‘Spectrum” podcast on WOUB addresses Fear, Hate and Racism in America

In the July 21 episode of “Spectrum,” WOUB General Manager and Director Tom Hodson tackles the subject of fear, hate and racism in America by interviewing an African-American female judge with a teenage son, a Muslim immigrant and a gay Nepalese man.

The three interviewees give details about their daily struggle to defeat the fear, hate and racism that seems to be escalating in the United States. To check out the podcast, click http://woub.org/2016/07/21/three-people-talk-to-spectrum-about-confronting-fear-hate-and-racism/

Hodson said that Gayle Williams-Byers of South Euclid, Ohio, gave him three different perspectives during her interview. The judge talks to him about the pressure of raising a teenage son in today’s racially charged society and shares some of her most memorable experiences as an assistant county prosecutor and a judge.

The unidentified Muslim man talks to Hodson about how he and his family have been harassed in the United States because of their religion and beliefs. During the third interview, a Nepalese man discusses the difficulties of being a gay man of color in the United States.

Hodson said that although all three interviews were done separately, all three interviewees agreed that America is in a state where we treat certain groups of people as less than human. He said the question is what can we do as a society to change this behavior?

“We’ve done interviews with an eclectic group of people,” Hodson said. “We want to start a conversation about what’s going on in the United States during a time when it seems that hate speech is being amped up.”

The “Spectrum” podcasts feature candid conversations between host Tom Hodson and people with an interesting story to tell. While some of the interviewees are famous, many of them are not like the ones in the latest podcast. They are a joint production of WOUB and the Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact.

Some of the previous “Spectrum” podcast guests were: journalist Susan Reimer, music producer Ken Ehrlich, radio personality Ira Glass, comedienne Paula Poundstone, TV journalist Gwen Ifill and Jewish scholar Nehemia Gordon.

The podcasts have received very good feedback during the first two months, which is amazing in that short amount of time,” Hodson said.

All of the interviews are also available on iTunes, Google Play and the NPR One App. To listen to them, visit http://www.npr.org/podcasts/486931216/spectrum.