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Board of Trustees agenda for June 22-23 meetings released, University highlights key topics for discussion, consideration

The Ohio University Board of Trustees will convene, and welcome Dr. M. Duane Nellis to his first official Board engagement as OHIO’s 21st president, on June 22-23 at the Zanesville Campus. 

Key meeting agenda items, efforts and initiatives to be discussed between OHIO’s Board and senior leadership include:

FY18 University Budget
When: Joint Academics and Resources Committee, June 22

OHIO’s budget planning efforts have remained focused on investing in institutional priorities that, despite limited resource growth and the continued uncertainty surrounding the State of Ohio’s budget process, will preserve the University’s commitment to academic quality and student success.

During the June Board meeting, University leadership will present OHIO’s FY18 Budget and its current assumptions based on the State of Ohio’s latest budget bill.

A detailed University financial summary, and a discussion about key revenue and expense drivers for FY18, will also occur.

Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan
When: Joint Academics and Resources Committee, June 22

Associate Vice President of University Planning Shawna Bolin will present Ohio University's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY19 through FY24.

The CIP, which is updated annually, is the culmination of a year-long effort to capture the capital expenditure priorities of the OHIO’s colleges, schools and administrative departments for the next six years. The plan also takes into account the Board’s priorities and the economic climate within the state; its primary goal is to balance programmatic and deferred maintenance goals, including required grant or physical plant requirements.

Both the CIP and planned University projects for FY19-FY24 must be submitted to the state for its capital appropriations process later this fall.

The CIP, along with OHIO’s Utility Master Plan, Comprehensive Master Plan and Building Condition Assessments, is anticipated to serve as a blueprint that will address the University’s capital, funding and financing needs over the next six years. 

Utility Master Plan
When: Joint Academics and Resources Committee, June 22

Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Safety Steve Wood will share a Utility Master Plan (UMP) update.

The UMP, which supports the goals and objectives of the University’s Comprehensive Master Plan, Climate Action Plan and Sustainability Plan, seeks to develop and implement numerous energy infrastructure improvements at OHIO. Such improvements are also expected to have a positive effect on the University’s continued sustainability efforts, particularly in carbon emissions reductions.

The development of the UMP has already assisted in the identification of numerous deferred maintenance priorities and conditions; it has also uncovered previously unknown critical projects, including recently-completed building-based chiller improvements and miscellaneous electrical, gas and utility upgrades.

The University shared a UMP progress update with the Board last January. Since then, they have worked to gather valuable input from the campus community, local community and other key stakeholders to create a final, recommended version of the UMP for the Board to review later this month.

Revisions to the OHIO Student Code of Conduct
When: Academics and Student Success Committee, June 22

Director of Community Standards & Student Responsibility Martha Compton will share proposed edits to OHIO’s Student Code of Conduct, which is assessed every two years by the University’s Review and Standards Committee.

The committee began reviewing and revising the existing Student Code of Conduct last fall, and their initial revisions were shared with Student Senate, Graduate Student Senate and Faculty Senate for additional input throughout Spring 2017; the revised Code of Conduct was also posted online to provide an opportunity for feedback from the general public.

The Review and Standards Committee worked to incorporate suggested edits from the campus community in order to share its final version of the Code with the Board later this month.

Major proposed changes to the Student Code of Conduct for Board review and consideration include: 

  • An amended interim suspension process, which shifts the authority to issue an interim suspension to the Dean of Students and provides the student an opportunity to appeal the interim suspension. 
  • Clarification of the scope of the Code of Conduct and the definition of a student to encompass all OHIO students. 
  • An updated appeal processes that address the makeup of the University Appeal Board and that include the ability for the appellate body to return a matter to the original hearing body when appropriate. 

Additionally, a number of minor Code revisions were made in an effort to align with practice, clarify language, specify order of events in hearing processes, reference new University policies and update formatting to comply with Ohio Legislative Services requirements.

Additional information, including the full June 2017 OHIO Board of Trustees meeting agenda, is available online at www.ohio.edu/trustees