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Ridges Advisory Committee meeting set for May 3

The Ridges Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet this Wednesday, May 3, at 9 a.m. in Baker University Center 219 on the Athens Campus.

The committee, which is composed of members representing Ohio University, the City of Athens and Athens County, is tasked with periodically providing feedback on the comprehensive land use plans for The Ridges and the University’s progress toward its implementation. The committee reports its recommendations to Ohio University’s president.

Ridges Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public; however, opportunities for questions or comments by the general public will not be available during the meeting unless specifically invited by The Ridges Advisory Committee Chair. Community suggestions and/or feedback may be submitted to planning@ohio.edu.

For more information about The Ridges Framework Plan, visit: https://www.ohio.edu/master-plan/ridges-plan.cfm