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Inaugural Food Truck Festival hits the spot with alumni

Ohio University students and alumni are no stranger to food trucks. The OHIO Alumni Association brought together the most popular mobile eateries for the first Food Truck Festival held during the University’s annual spring homecoming, On The Green Weekend.

OHIO’s hungry alumni noshed on hearty and sugary delights served from nine food trucks parked at Pepsi Tailgreat Park from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. May 20.

That included the classic Burrito Buggy and dressed up spuds from Hot Potato Food Truck. The sweet tooth was satisfied with Mr. Softee Ice Cream and flavored ice from Kona Ice.

“I think the food trucks are a staple because it reminds you of when you were back here in college,” Jeff Laturell, BSC ’80 and MBA ’82, said.

Laturell remembers the Burrito Buggy from his time at OHIO. It was one of the first food trucks to settle in Athens, so it is not surprising that it is now a cult favorite among Bobcats.

“[The Burrito Buggy] seemed like the most delicious thing in the world at the time,” Chrissy Pope Thompson, BA and BBA ’98, said. “So I’m super excited to try it again!”

Daniel Telek, a student studying English and Urban Planning, began working at the Burrito Buggy about a year ago.

“Athens is a total foodie town,” Telek said.

His statement held true because the Food Truck Festival was an exciting event for even those who weren’t sure which tastes their stomach was craving.

“I really didn’t know what I was looking for when I came here, so it was fun to go from truck to truck to see what they offered,” Laurie Laturell, BSED ’82, said.

The foodies found the variety of food to be most impressive. Plates were loaded with guacamole from the namesake Holy Guacamole, to chocolates at Petru and juicy chicken from OMG! Rotisserie.

“Sometimes you come to these things and there’s only a certain selection, but now it’s like, you can have anything,” Ashley Ferguson, BSJ ‘06 said. 

The Food Truck Festival hit the spot with alumni of all generations, and they are eagerly awaiting the next chance to eat at an Athens food truck.