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New Finance and Administration website is live

On May 12, the Finance and Administration Division released a newly designed website with a new URL (www.ohio.edu/finance-administration). The site provides links to all departments within Finance and Administration as well as access to information about offices that support departments within the Division including the Business Service Center, Change Management and Communication, and the Office of the Vice President. The redesigned site also provides access to resources for campus constituents such as the Signature Authority document, a dashboard view of the Finance and Administration Project Portfolio, Business Forum information, the OHIO Ready Staff website, and Campus partnerships representation (Work Groups, Partner Groups, and Advisory Councils).

There will be a redirect in place for the next six months to direct any traffic that goes to www.ohio.edu/vpfa to the new Finance and Administration URL. If you maintain a website and currently link to the VPFA website, please update the URL to link to the proper location.

Questions? Contact Finance and Administration Change Management and Communication at finadmin@ohio.edu.