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South Green Drive traffic configuration will change during work this summer

This summer, Ohio University will replace the failed culvert under South Green Drive with a new concrete culvert designed to improve the performance and longevity of this system. Last summer, the existing steel culverts that connect Emeriti Pond to drainage on the south side of the road began to fail. The failure required an emergency stabilization of the road until the culverts could be replaced. This summer we are undertaking that replacement to ensure the continued capability to drain excess runoff from Emeriti Pond. 

In order to complete this project, the configuration of South Green Drive will be modified to maintain two travel lanes at all times while allowing the installation of the new culverts. The Maintenance of Traffic Plans for each phase are shown below.

Work will begin on the project on May 3 with the lanes shifted slightly to the south until June 23, then to the north through August 18. After August 18, the contractor will begin restoring the original configuration of the road while work continues in this area through mid-September. While vehicle traffic will be maintained along the roadway during the project, pedestrian traffic will be rerouted to the north around the construction site.

Please use caution while transiting the area. If you have questions about the project, please contact the Office of Architecture, Design and Construction at 740-593-2727. 

This article was provided by the Office of Architecture, Design and Construction.


MOT Phase 1

Maintenance of Traffic Plan Phase 1: May 3 - June 23

MOT phase 2

Maintenance of Traffic Plan Phase 2: Setup June 23 - August 18

MOT phase 2A

Maintenance of Traffic Plan Phase 2A: August 18 - mid-September