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Ohio University student Allison Paxton has been awarded a full scholarship to pay for her summer abroad program in South Korea through The Education Abroad Network (TEAN).

Ohio University student Allison Paxton has been awarded a full scholarship to pay for her summer abroad program in South Korea through The Education Abroad Network (TEAN).

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OHIO student receives full scholarship through TEAN to study abroad in South Korea

Ohio University student Allison Paxton has been awarded a full scholarship to pay for her summer abroad program in South Korea through The Education Abroad Network (TEAN).

Paxton, a sophomore Honors Tutorial College student majoring in graphic design, will be spending six weeks in South Korea this summer.

“I will be attending Korea University (KU) for six weeks, living in the dormitory and taking a Korean language course and a Contemporary Korean Society course,” Paxton said. “I’ll also be getting a ‘buddy assistant,’ who’s a local KU student and will help organize social and cultural activities with me. Basically just being a friend to show me around Korea! I plan to travel all over Korea, build many new relationships, and learn as much as I can about the language and culture while in this program.”

Catherine Marshall, director of OHIO’s Office of Global Opportunities, said she was thrilled when she learned Paxton had been awarded the full scholarship for the summer program.

“We were really excited when TEAN contacted us to let us know that Allison had won this generous award,” Marshall said. “We often only hear about such scholarship awards from the students themselves after they’ve been notified by the provider. We really enjoyed being involved in the announcement and being able to celebrate Allison’s achievement first hand.”

Paxton first became interested in Korean language and culture while in high school in Louisville, Kentucky. She is passionate about learning more about the culture, and found that her interests soon became intertwined with her graphic design work here at Ohio University.

“My passion for Korean language and culture informs my designs while I utilize my major in graphic design to inform others about Korean language and culture,” said Paxton, who also serves as the president of the Korean Culture Association on campus.

As an Honors Tutorial College student, Paxton is planning on focusing her Tutorial during the next semester on Korean and American/Western designs, so traveling to South Korea will assist her in her research work and also in her senior thesis. The summer program offered by TEAN fit perfectly with what she was looking for and it also keeps her on track to graduate in four years.

“I found a lot of programs I was interested in, but TEAN offered the full-ride scholarship opportunity and numerous course options,” Paxton said, adding that as a designer she was impressed with TEAN’s website. “The more I learned about the program, the more attracted to the program I became.”

As part of her application for the scholarship, Paxton had to answer several essay questions and also designed a webtoon in order to explain her personal journey and desire to take part in the program. TEAN judged the applicants on excellence in academics, active participation in extra-curricular activities, achievements in leadership skills, awareness of the value of international education, and explanations of each applicant’s personal journey for studying abroad.

Being selected as a recipient of a scholarship to pay for all expenses for the study abroad program was extremely important for Paxton financially, but it was also significant for her for other reasons.

“The fact that I’m being given this opportunity has meant so much for me, and it still hasn’t really hit yet. But the scholarship has been an enormous personal reassurance for me,” Paxton explained.

“I had to describe so much of who I am, what I’ve done, and what I plan to do in the application, that I’ve seen this scholarship as a sign of support for me and ‘my personal journey’ more than anything,” she said. “I’ve faced a lot of moments of doubt in if I’m doing the right thing and in figuring out who I am, that to think of TEAN choosing me out of all the other applicants makes me so emotional. It’s so much more than just a financial support.”

Paxton has traveled abroad before but has never had the opportunity to visit Korea. Ideally, she would like to work in South Korea after graduation and do graphic design work there while also building relationships between artists and companies in the design field in South Korea, Japan and the United States. She is also interested in eventually teaching English in South Korea or another country.

For more information on Paxton’s summer study abroad program or the wide range of study away programs offered around the world and in the United States to OHIO students, please contact the Office of Global Opportunities at 740-593-4583 or global.opportunities@ohio.edu

This article was provided by the Office of Global Affairs and International Studies.