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Alden wall

Infographics line the wall near the Cafe BiblioTech on Alden Library's second floor.

Photographer: George E. Mauzy Jr.

Alden wall

The "Informaton Creation as a Process" infographic up close

Photographer: George E. Mauzy Jr.

Alden wall

The "Research as Inquiry" infographic is one of six on the wall

Photographer: George E. Mauzy Jr.

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Alden Library infographics help students avoid plagiarism and understand information literacy

Along the wall between the second-floor doors and Café BiblioTech in Ohio University’s Alden Library hang infographics depicting six interconnected core concepts which represent information literacy and can help in avoiding plagiarism and improving critical thinking skills.

The infographics also suggest ways of how students can use credible sources for academic papers.

Kelly Broughton, assistant dean for research and education in University Libraries, said these posters reflect the Information Literacy Framework, which is an articulation librarians use to help learners increase their understanding of information literacy concepts and dispositions.

Broughton said the infographics, which Bucknell University originally created, are an interesting way to capture people’s attention and ask them to think about theses concepts.

The six different concepts of the Framework are: Authority is Constructed and Contextual; Information Creation as a Process; Information Has Value; Research as Inquiry; Scholarship as Conversation; and Searching as Strategic Exploration.

“The idea was that we really like those graphic images, and these concepts are what drive a lot of our work as librarians,” Broughton said. It is also a way to interact with faculty and begin discussions about their assignments and what skills and abilities students need to be successful.

Broughton hopes that while students are at the scanning stations or going into the coffee shop, they would take the time to look over the posters and familiarize themselves with the ideas.

She also said that a lot of college students, especially new students, feel pretty confident in their research abilities with newer technologies.

“They’re pretty savvy Internet users in terms of using Google and social media, but they don’t have a lot of experience with the scholarly tools that you are expected to use as you move through your academic career,” Broughton said.

She said research shows that students don’t plagiarize on purpose, but do it because they don’t know how to properly construct an original idea.

A way students can help combat this type of frustration with scholarly research methods is to utilize the librarians and become familiar with the scholarly literature.

“It’s all about how to become a more sophisticated researcher,” Broughton said.

For more information about academic resources in Alden, visit https://www.library.ohiou.edu/.