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Career courses offered by the CLDC kick-start students’ futures

The Career and Leadership Development Center (CLDC) at Ohio University believes there is never a bad time for students to start preparing for their futures. The CLDC offers career courses taught by the CLDC staff. Next fall, the CLDC will be offering these courses: 

  • Four full-semester sections of CAS 1130
  • Two seven-week sections of CAS 1130
  • Two sections of COMS 2040 
  • One section of SPST 4250
  • One section of UC 2900 (The Leader in You) 
  • One section of RFPD 3890
  • One section of PSY 4930

The course variety enables students to find the best fit for their needs. CLDC instructors work with students in exploring career options, applying self-knowledge to career-related decisions and researching opportunities that fit their interests and goals. Each course integrates a variety of reflective exercises and exploratory assignments ranging from building a top-notch LinkedIn page, to writing a stellar resume or sharpening interview skills. 

Students can visit the CLDC website or hear from students who have taken the courses to learn more about these opportunities.