2017 COIL Training Group photo

Pictured are some of the participants who attended the workshop.

Photo courtesy of: Sheida Shirvani

Participants chatting

Greg Obi, Kevin Spence and Steven Call chat during a break.

Photo courtesy of: Sheida Shirvani

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Regional campuses' new COIL fellows participate in training

Dr. Sheida Shirvani, professor of communication studies at Ohio University Zanesville and coordinator for the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) program for the regional campuses, brought together faculty and colleagues from other institutions for a day of professional development for the 10 new COIL fellows from the five regional campuses.

The focus of COIL is to create a program for Ohio University regional students, which provides an exchange experience without traveling to a different country. The intent is for students to gain an understanding of their roles as global citizens while increasing their confidence in collaborating on international projects.

The 2017 fellows include: Leigh Atkinson, coordinator at the Pickerington Center; Nikki Blau, communication studies at Lancaster; Steven Call, recreation and sport pedagogy at the Southern Campus; Tarig Higazi, biology at Zanesville; Sheryl House, nursing at Zanesville; Greg Obi, business management technology at Chillicothe; Jim Taylor, sociology at Zanesville; Lisa Taylor, law enforcement technology at Lancaster; Candice Thomas-Maddox, communication studies at Lancaster; and Linda Trautman, political science at Lancaster.

The session, which was held at the Pickerington Center, began with a brief history of the COIL program, presented by Shirvani, followed by an ice breaker facilitated by Dr. Purba Das, associate professor and campus program liaison, communication studies, at the Southern Campus.

Keynote speaker Dr. Dawn Bikowski, director of the ELIP Academic and Global Communication Program in the Department of Linguistics at the Athens Campus, discussed Bloom’s Taxonomy as it relates to establishing objectives for COIL projects. During her interactive presentation, Bikowski presented case studies and encouraged participants to draft relevant objectives for their classes.

Kevin Spence, a PhD graduate student under the direction of Linda Robertson from Kent State University, attended the workshop and shared the globalization initiatives and the international programs that exist at his institution. 

Dr. Gabriela Popa, associate professor of physics in Zanesville, and Dr. Pamela Kaylor, associate lecturer of communication studies at the Lancaster Campus, who are currently offering COIL classes shared their experiences (see sidebar stories), answered questions and offered advice to their colleagues who are starting in this new endeavor.

The COIL project is supported by Ohio University Regional Higher Education and has received funding from the Konneker Fund for Learning and Discovery. Those interested in working with the COIL project are encouraged to contact Shirvani via email at shirvani@ohio.edu