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Take the Compass Satisfaction Survey through Friday, April 21

Participants eligible to win $25 in Bobcat Cash

Members of the Ohio University community are invited to participate in University Communications and Marketing’s 2017 Compass Satisfaction Survey through Friday, April 21.* Participants are eligible to win $25 of Bobcat Cash.

The short online survey is designed to capture the news/information consumption habits and preferences of Compass readers. The survey results will be used to guide future content and email delivery decisions regarding the Compass webpage and email.

Although the Compass website and email newsletters are popular and will remain important avenues for providing information and featured content to the OHIO community, the survey will ensure that UCM’s Communication Services team continues to meet the needs of the Compass audience.

To complete the survey, visit https://ohio.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4ZQdnUUkRScuQmh

* Editors note: The original deadline of April 18 was extended to April 21 to achieve more participation.