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Cordero talks to class at Lancaster Campus

Aixchel Cordero Hidalgo talks with Pam Kaylor’s class at the Lancaster Campus.

Photo courtesy of: Pam Kaylor

COIL Collaborators at Student Expo

COIL Collaborators attend the Student Expo

Photo courtesy of: Sheida Shirvani

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COIL Fellows in MexicoCOIL Fellow Pam Kaylor, ninth from left in the back row, met her collaborator in Mexico

Kaylor and Mexican colleague expand Culture and Society courses

Dr. Aixchel Cordero Hidalgo of the University of Chihuahua and Dr. Pamela Kaylor of the Lancaster Campus met in Cuernavaca, Mexico, to collaborate on a joint Collaborative International Online Learning (COIL) project. The partnership developed through the SUNY COIL initiative in New York where the two met. 

Both faculty members teach courses in Culture and Society. Their students have been engaging in collaborative learning, which included the creation of a video exchange, discussions, collaborations on small group papers, and individual response essays about their adventures. 

Students in Mexico as well as those at the Lancaster Campus participated in creating a video to show students on the other campus their school and community and to introduce themselves to their group members. Each group included three U.S. students and two students from Mexico. There were 10 groups representing 30 U.S. students and 20 students from Mexico. 

The student groups met weekly using different technologies, such as Skype, Facebook and emails to discuss their projects. Each group selected a topic from a list of 10 contemporary issues and collaborated to share information about the issue in their culture related to the status of the issue, the cultural consequences of the issue, and possible solutions. “After sharing information and insights, the groups then worked together to compare and contrast different approaches by their culture and to suggest which solutions may be viable and effective in the future,” explained Kaylor. “Students are currently writing their papers for submission by the end of the semester.”

She went on to explain that each student is also contributing to a PowerPoint presentation of the finished paper. In addition to the presentation, students also engaged in Discussion Questions on Blackboard and a closed Facebook page – posting responses to questions each week. 

As the pilot project prepares to wrap up, Cordero visited the Lancaster Campus where she lectured to students about quality of life in Mexico. While visiting with the class, Cordero brought candies and food from her students at the Universidad of Chihuahua and the Lancaster students presented a package of candies, local snacks and gifts for the Universidad of Chihuahua students. 

Cordero also met with Lancaster Campus faculty, and was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation by the campus at a special Year-in-Review Ceremony. Dr. Elvira Morgado, who worked with Dr. Gabriela Popa of the Zanesville Campus, was also recognized at the ceremony.

The two faculty members from Mexico, Morgado and Cordero, also attended the Student Research and Creative Activity Expo with Popa and Kaylor, respectively.  

“It has been a very enjoyable semester in working with Dr. Cordero,” Dr. Kaylor shared. “We are planning to collaborate again in fall 2017-2018 to fine tune our students’ assignments.” Faculty who are interested in getting involved with future COIL projects are encouraged to contact Dr. Sheida Shirvani, coordinator for the COIL project at the regional campuses, at shirvani@ohio.edu