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Cherry Blossom Trees

The 200 Cherry Blossom Trees will bloom this spring

Photo courtesy of: University Communications and Marketing

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Slideshow of Japanese cherry blossom trees available online

Many people eagerly await the pink blooms of 200 cherry trees on campus each year. The trees could bloom in the next few weeks due to unusually warm weather.

The public can now view a rotating photo slideshow of the cherry tree grove that runs along the Hocking River between the bike path and Convocation Center. The website, which is managed by the Research Division and the Department of Linguistics, can be viewed at www.ohio.edu/cherryblossoms.

The trees not only bring beauty to the campus each spring, they are a powerful symbol of Japanese culture. The full-blown blossoms last for only a day or two and are a Japanese symbol of the impermanence of life. It is a custom in Japan to illuminate the trees, so the University will illuminate them later this spring.

The trees were first planted in 1979 under the direction of OHIO President Charles Ping and President Kazuo Yamada of Chubu University, OHIO’s sister institution in Japan. Chubu gifted the cherry blossom trees to represent their relationship with OHIO and later brought the grove’s total to 200 trees after another gift for the University’s bicentennial.

The Japanese Student Association’s (JSA) largest event is centered around the cherry blossoms, or sakura, as they’re called in Japan. The JSA will host its annual Sakura Festival later this spring. The festival showcases Japanese culture with traditional food, dancing and performances. It also signals the New Year, which begins in April for Japan.