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KeAysia Middlebrooks

I decided to laugh mid-picture!

Photo courtesy of: KeAysia Middlebrooks

KeAysia Middlebrooks

Senior Showcase 2016

Photo courtesy of: KeAysia Middlebrooks

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Project Hindsight

Project Hindsight: KeAysia on finding inspiration through dance

In her latest Project Hindsight blog, KeAysia talks about her experience and upcoming shows with the School of Dance, as well as finding inspiration and motivation through exploring art. 

These past few weeks have been very stressful for me. The School of Dance has a few shows coming up and that requires rehearsals almost every night and over the weekends. I’m also a production student so not only am I dancing in the shows, I will be lighting them and making sure everything runs smoothly.

This semester, I’ve decided to do extra activities involving dance and photoshoots based on the standard that women must live up to and that all body types are acceptable. One assignment that I’ve recently worked on, is creating movement based on an art gallery “From there to here.” This art gave me inspiration to really express myself and show how we will continue to grow everyday if we push forward and work hard. So, everything that is a struggle now will eventually become better and lead me to a great place. Everything is crammed into these four months and I will probably complain every step of the way but honestly, I love it and I wouldn’t choose to do anything else.