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Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors

The Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors pose with Residence Life staffers

Photo courtesy of: Office for Diversity and Inclusion

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Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors begin office hours in residence halls

Beginning this month, the Office for Diversity and Inclusion's Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors are holding office hours in nine different residence halls on the Athens Campus.

The new Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors in Residence Program, a collaboration between Housing and Residence Life and Diversity and Inclusion, will give residence hall students another contact point for diversity questions or conversations.  

“I feel this is a big step for the Housing and Residence Life and Diversity and Inclusion offices,” said Ambassador Tyler Reid. “It is a great way to provide students with additional resources to discuss diversity.”

According to the Diversity and Inclusion website, the Ambassadors are a select group of trained peer advocates who strive to eliminate stereotypes while building inclusive, understanding communities through interactive presentations. They are trained to answer or direct questions to the appropriate person on campus.

Since the beginning of the program, each member shares his or her own diversity narrative and helps others understand the importance of diversity on campus and in our society.

The Multicultural Leadership Ambassadors in Residence Program will:

  • Enhance the residential experience for all students
  • Provide an additional, visible, multicultural presence in the residence halls
  • Increase knowledge, awareness and understanding of diversity within the residence halls
  • Allow for the development of meaningful interactions
  • Educate students with a global, multicultural perspective
  • Breakdown barriers and stereotypes based on differences


These are the Ambassadors and their assigned residence hall:

  • Crawford Hall - Sahuaro Marzolf 
  • Adams Hall - Tyler Reid
  • Bromley Hall - Sasha Estrella-Jones and Imani Evans
  • Atkinson Complex - Nile Harris and Francisco Cintron
  • Sargent Hall – Alexis Apparicio and Ami Scherson 
  • MacKinnon Hall - Gabby Clarke and Adrianna Mauzy
  • Ryors Hall - Marcus Cole and Leigh Ferrero
  • Boyd Hall - Hashim Pashtun and Hannah Borowski
  • Scott Quad - Claire Seid and Pres Seymore


"This program gives us more diversity conversations in the residence halls," said Dr. Shari J. Clarke, Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion. "All of our students arrive on campus with their own lens of the world according to how they were raised. It is not unusual for students to believe false stereotypes and react to other students inappropriately because of them. The narrative changes when you actually interact with and know individuals who are different from yourself. It breaks down the negative stereotypes.”

Dr. Clarke said that since the residence halls are these students' home away from home, they need to be a welcoming place for all students.

"The Ambassadors will offer diversity expertise to all of these students," Dr. Clarke said. "The Ambassadors are not there to take the place of the resident hall assistants; they are there to promote an inclusive environment and to encourage dialogue on diversity issues." 

For more information about the program, contact the Office for Diversity and Inclusion at 740-593-2614.