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OHIO students produce 'Hug a Muslim' video

An Ohio University class project designed to break down cultural barriers resulted in a fun video, some positive lessons and quite a few hugs.

The video is called “Hug a Muslim Experience,” and it was the project of Dr. Steve Howard’s Media in the Muslim World class. Howard, who is a professor in the School of Media Arts and Studies and the director of the Center for International Studies, explained that he challenges the students in his class to engage with the local Muslim community throughout the semester.

He had seen a series of “Hug a Muslim” videos made in other cities and thought it would be a good idea for his students. As part of the project, Howard reached out to several Muslim students he knows on campus and asked if they would be interested. They liked the idea, so the students in his Media in the Muslim World class got to work setting up the video.

The students made signs that had messages such as, “Would you hug a Muslim?” “Do you see past my hijab?” and “Hug a Muslim.” The students also did all of the videotaping and took care of the arrangements for the event to take place in front of the fourth floor entrance to Baker University Center during one of the busiest times of the day.

The students were a little nervous about the project, but it all went very well; the Muslim students received hugs and kind words from students, staff, faculty and community residents who were passing by.

“It was very, very positive,” Howard said. The students in his class then completed all of the production work on the video and posted it to YouTube, where it has also been well-received.

The video is available on the Ohio University website here and on YouTube here

This article was provided by the Office of Global Affairs and International Studies.