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Tips for OHIO students who will be traveling this spring or summer

With spring and summer approaching, many Ohio University students are preparing to travel abroad. 

Before they travel, all OHIO students should remember to register with the Office of Global Opportunities (OGO) if they are planning to travel for any University-affiliated purposes such as research, study abroad, student club travel or an academic or professional conference. Information on travel registration processes are available here

Registering with OGO provides numerous benefits for OHIO students, including:

  • OGO is able to provide support and access to resources for OHIO students who encounter any difficulties while traveling.
  • Registration with OGO ensures that OHIO students have access to a health insurance plan that works overseas at a low cost of $1.24 per day.

OGO also has resources and information available for students to help them prepare to travel and study away from OHIO. A few basic tips that all students should be aware of whether they are traveling for personal or University purposes include:

  • All OHIO students are strongly encouraged to talk with their medical care providers or OHIO’s Travel Care Clinic before traveling abroad to check on required and recommended immunizations. Additional information can also be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website
  • Before traveling, OHIO students are strongly encouraged to learn about their destinations. Students should also be aware of their surroundings and their belongings while traveling. Additional travel tips are available on the U.S. State Department website.  
  • Regardless of a student’s personal political viewpoints, people will likely be interested in having conversations about U.S. politics. If students choose to engage in these conversations, it is best to do so in a safe location. OHIO students are discouraged from joining protests while abroad because the events can become violent or dangerous. In addition, students who take part in protests while abroad may encounter legal issues because the laws around these types of events vary widely from country to country.
  • It is very important for students to have a communication plan and to keep important phone numbers with them while traveling. These phone numbers include local contacts, the U.S. Embassy in the country being visited, and the local equivalent of 9-1-1. Activating an international cell phone plan or procuring a local phone also ensures that students can make calls in the event of an emergency.

For more information, please stop by the OGO offices in the Walter International Education Center or visit www.ohio.edu/global/goglobal.

This article was provided by the Office of Global Affairs and International Studies.

World of opportunity awaits students who travel, study away

Ohio University students have the opportunity to travel and study away from campus during the academic year, the summer semester and even over winter and spring breaks.

Students who study away benefit in numerous ways, including making themselves more marketable when applying for jobs.

In addition, students who study away are able to graduate in four years while making memories, friends and even networking contacts around the world.

All OHIO students are encouraged to take advantage of these educational, memorable and often life-changing opportunities to study and travel around the world while still working toward their degrees.

For more information, please stop by the Office of Global Opportunities in the Walter International Education Center or visit www.ohio.edu/global/goglobal