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Feb. 21 Campus Conversation to discuss bystander intervention, sexual assault, interpersonal violence

Ohio University’s second Campus Conversation of the spring semester will be focused on bystander intervention, sexual assault and interpersonal violence. 

“Campus Conversation: Power-Based Violence and Bystander Intervention and Empathetic Response” will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21, in Baker University Center Ballroom A. 

This event will introduce participants to the skills necessary to conduct effective bystander intervention and to empathetically respond to someone who may disclose a sexual assault and/or interpersonal violence. Participants will be provided an opportunity to practice these skills and receive feedback and will receive an overview of resources available on campus and in the community to assist with these types of concerns.

Designed to provide a safe environment where individuals can engage in constructive, but sometimes difficult dialogues on topics affecting college campuses, our community and our nation, OHIO’s Campus Conversations are free and open to members of the OHIO and Athens communities.

Campus Conversations allow participants to ask questions, raise concerns, share personal experiences and educate themselves and others on the event’s topic. These events are organized by members of the OHIO community often in collaboration with individuals in the surrounding community.

For more information, contact Megan Vogel, special assistant to the vice president for student affairs and director of resource administration, at vogelm@ohio.edu.

Ground rules for Campus Conversations

Members of the Ohio University community who have been organizing Campus Conversations on the Athens Campus have developed the following ground rules for the events:

Maintain confidentiality. Participants are asked not to identify by name individuals who share personal stories and comments during Campus Conversations.

Speak for yourself. Participants are asked to share their own stories and experiences.

Listen with respect and curiosity.

It is OK to pass and not share your own stories and experiences.

Participants are asked to not take photos at the event and to refrain from using cell phones.

Participants are asked to be aware of their personal feelings and to take a deep breath before responding to thoughts and comments that evoke feelings of defensiveness and anger.