Bush Family

The Bush family, from left to right, Howard, Angela, Jordyn, Taylor and Issac

Photo courtesy of: Howard Bush

Howard and Angie Bush

Howard and Angela Bush established The Bush Green and White Award to provide funds for students experiencing extreme financial troubles.

Photo courtesy of: Howard Bush

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Bush family lessens students’ financial burdens

On Nov. 16, 2014, a fire destroyed several Athens businesses and apartment buildings on W. Union Street, displacing dozens of Ohio University students. To support those affected, OHIO President Roderick J. McDavis encouraged the OHIO and Athens communities to donate to the OHIO Parents and Family Endowment, a general fund that provides emergency financial assistance to students in need.

“Of immediate concern is the wellbeing of the students who have been displaced,” McDavis said in a statement.

Howard and Angie Bush, Ohio natives now living in North Carolina, contributed to the Parents and Family Endowment, but wanted to go beyond the general fund.

“Howard and Angie expressed that they really wanted to bless someone in need,” said David Johnson, assistant director of annual giving. “Their intent was to really make an impact on someone that goes beyond funds covering textbooks.”  

Howard and Angie Bush established The Bush Green and White Award, which provides scholarships for full-time OHIO undergraduates who are experiencing extreme financial hardships.  

“The situations are often related to changes in circumstances in a family that affect the family’s ability to help the student financially,” said Sandi Krivesti, senior assistant director of scholarships. “Perhaps a loss of employment or an illness or death in the family. Other situations may include accidents like fires.”

Howard Bush recalled taking out loans and working evenings at a restaurant to finance his college career.

"I know that deep feeling of dread when you don’t have enough,” Howard Bush said. “I would never want a student to not be able to go to school because of that.”

Angie Bush said that if students demonstrate that they want an education, they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops due to financial hardships.

“At critical times in my life people have been there to help me and give me a hand, and I hope this is something that students could see as someone being able to help them out a little bit,” she said.

The Bush family grew fond of OHIO when they first visited campus with their son, Isaac. Isaac Bush is now a junior in the College of Business.

“The school made me feel like family even though I’m not an alumna,” Angie Bush said. “We felt very touched by the hominess of the campus.”

The Bush family encourages parents, friends and alumni of OHIO to contribute to The Bush Green and White Award, as well as for students and their families to feel comfortable asking for help during tough times.

Every OHIO student is assigned a financial aid advisor to assist them with financial troubles. You can find your advisor by your last name here.

“If your family is struggling with a hardship, make sure you talk to your financial advisor,” Johnson said. “Most students don’t know they have one, and it’s important to build a relationship with them.”

To donate to The Bush Green and White Award, visit www.ohio.edu/give, select “make a one-time gift,” select “I would like to allocate my gift to a fund not listed” and enter “The Bush Green and White Award.”