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Call for presenters for Spotlight on Learning Conference

Applications to present at the 2017 Spotlight on Learning Conference are being accepted until February 15. This all-day event will showcase best practices from across the Ohio University community in concurrent sessions centered around the theme “What are students learning?” All Ohio University faculty, administrators, and teaching assistants are invited to attend and participate. The conference will be held on the Athens Campus on Tuesday, April 25, and is co-sponsored by the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Committee and the Office of Instructional Innovation.

“This conference promises to showcase some of the best pedagogical practice and research at OHIO today,” said Tim Vickers, director for the Center for Teaching & Learning in the Office of Instructional Innovation. “Many types of interesting sessions are being planned to address disciplinary and interdisciplinary instructional strategies, outcomes and research.”

Possible topics for presenters could include innovative spaces that facilitate learning in ways that traditional classrooms do not, such as the Active Learning Classroom; an assigned class project that utilizes problem-based learning or some other active learning strategy; or a thoughtfully planned multi-section course that balances instructor freedom with adherence to commonly agreed upon student learning outcomes.

“We are truly excited by the range of conversations we have already heard around the topics of what students are learning and how we know, along with talks of the quality and quantity of student engagement,” said Vickers.

If interested in presenting at the conference, please fill out this form by February 15. For additional information, please visit the event web page, or email the Office of Instructional Innovation at oii@ohio.edu.