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Imants Jaunaraj's proposal on microcredentialing was selected to advance to implementation as part of the Academic Innovation Accelerator.

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Proposal selected to receive Academic Innovation Accelerator support

In September 2016, the Office of Instructional Innovation’s Ideation Event sparked ideas for teaching and learning that could be implemented across OHIO. The ideas generated at this event were transformed into formal proposals to be considered for implementation support through the Academic Innovation Accelerator.

The Champions Group recently completed the selection process and is pleased to announce Imants Jaunarajs’ proposal on microcredentialing has been selected to advance to implementation. This proposal was a team effort within the Division of Student Affairs.

This proposal is a pilot program that will allow the 1,000+ student employees in the Division of Student Affairs to participate in activities and demonstrate proficiency in eight different leadership skills. These soft skills, combined with the technical skills typically learned through classwork, will equip students to enter the workforce possessing the leadership qualities that employers desire. “The team is excited to get to work and truly grateful for the opportunity,” said Jaunarajs. “We look forward to working with internal and external stakeholders to implement microcredentialing across Ohio University.”

Several additional proposals are advancing through other channels. “Of the 32 ideas that came forward from the Ideation Event, nearly every one is advancing with institutional support this year, at least incrementally,” said Brad Cohen, senior vice provost for instructional innovation. “It’s been really gratifying to hear faculty commenting so positively on this commitment to supporting their innovative ideas.” Read the full microcredentialing proposal, as well as the full list of submitted proposals here.

The Accelerator was allocated $924,000 in funding from Ohio University’s Innovation Strategy program, which supports creative, interdisciplinary approaches to issues in research, creative activity, teaching, and institutional operations.

The Office of Instructional Innovation (OII) serves as a catalyst to spark bold experimentation and sustainable discovery of promising new approaches to instruction. OII provides a variety of services to academic units and faculty, online programs and students, as well as additional initiatives to further the institution’s mission. Visit www.ohio.edu/instructional-innovation for more information.