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OUS-IEW 2015

Communications 1110 student Lindsey Snavely shares an artifact from Argentina during her group’s showcase for International Education Week at Ohio University Southern.

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Ohio University Southern students explore the world from Mains Rotunda

IRONTON, OH – Colorful flags lined the walls and the scent of unfamiliar, wonderful foods filled the air as Ohio University Southern’s Mains Rotunda was transformed Thursday for the International Education Awareness Fair. 

The fair featured Southern Campus faculty and staff who promote international education in their various departments, and students enrolled in Communications 1100 gave presentations regarding various aspects of life in seven countries – Cuba, Argentina, Slovakia, Panama, Vietnam, Malaysia and Botswana.

Associate Professor of Communication Studies Purba Das said that she selected these countries for students because, “Ohio University has existing collaborations with them.” 

Each assigned group spent hours preparing for their showcase – researching, collecting artifacts, creating their display and delivering their presentation. Students explored both cultural differences and parallels with regard to religion, food, relationships, families, politics, economics and more for their assigned countries. 

Lindsey Snavely, a member of the Argentina showcase group, found the assignment interesting and challenging. Snavely said, “The research took some time, but finding authentic artifacts for our display was really tough. Thankfully, I knew someone who had items we could use.”  

Ohio University Southern students spent their lunchtime participating in these presentations from their peers and trying foods from around the globe.