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Marquis Maines

Photographer: Kierra Cotton

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Scripps College student uses time in Athens to create his own brand

Marquis Maines creates Cheo & Scott consulting firm with friend

Marquis Maines, a junior interactive design major in the Ohio University Scripps College of Communication, is using his time in Athens to gain more than an education. Growing up in inner city Cleveland, Maines has always used art as a medium of personal expression.

A year ago, Maines partnered with his best friend, Michael Jones, who is also an interactive design major, to create the company Cheo & Scott.

According to Maines, Cheo & Scott is a consulting firm focused on clothing and brand marketing.

“We have hats and T-shirts available thus far,” said Maines. “We also do flyers and social media posts for organizations on campus. We provide whatever you may need to effectively market your brand.”

Derived from their middle names, Cheo & Scott originated after the two met as college freshmen and decided to collaborate in an effort to take their creations and share them via apparel design.

Despite his business endeavors, Maines said he had difficulty finding the right major.

“I struggled choosing my major,” Maines said. “I changed my major three times because I was under the assumption that each major offered what I wanted to do.”

Always having the desire and passion to create, Maines said he chose interactive design because it allowed him to have creative freedom.

In October, Maines and Jones were given the opportunity to attend the Harvard University Illuminate Conference. The two-day conference is an opportunity for attendees to learn about entrepreneurship, business, and venture capital through a series of speakers, workshops and mixers. 

Harvard College Ventures, an undergraduate entrepreneurship club, sponsors the conference each year to connect passionate individuals with each other and provide them with the resources to launch and improve their startups.

“My greatest take away was to trust my abilities,” Maines said. "A lot of times we doubt our abilities in fear that the next person won’t find them as creative as we do. So I just learned to really trust my passion and dream.”

Maines is currently focused on obtaining his degree and expanding Cheo & Scott, which he describes as, “Everything you never thought of.”

“It’s our definition of creativity, it’s our creativity,” Maines said.

He said his expansion plans include becoming a next level designer.

“I just want to continue to develop my design skills. As far as Cheo and Scott, new apparel and big moves,” Maines said.

For more information about Marquis Maines and the brand, Cheo & Scott, visit his website marquismaines.com or find him on Instagram, @Cheoandscott.