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SOUL invites OHIO community to discuss sustainability

Sustainable Ohio University Leaders is excited to announce a series of thought-provoking meetings this semester that will give students, faculty and staff the opportunity to learn about and discuss relevant sustainability challenges and improvements at Ohio University. 

The events, which will happen every other week throughout the fall, will consist of one formal meeting and one coffee hour per month, during which participants can explore different aspects of Sustainability Plan benchmarks with the help of an area specialist present at the meeting.

“Because of our unique position as a liaison group, we hope to engage in critical discussions about sustainability at Ohio University while developing communication between different actors in the OHIO community,” said Olivia Miltner, SOUL manager.

The first SOUL meeting will be held on September 9 and will focus on single-stream recycling on campus. Subsequent meetings will talk about strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy infrastructure, investment, and transportation. 

“We’ve taken this new structural approach this year because we want SOUL to evolve into a truly collaborative experience that engages all interested faculty, staff and students,” said Director of Sustainability Annie Laurie Cadmus. “By adding in these coffee hour sessions, we’re creating a more informal environment that will welcome honest discussion.”

SOUL emerged during the drafting of the Ohio University Climate Action Plan as a way to bring together diverse individuals across campus to implement sustainability goals. After President Roderick McDavis approved the plan in November 2012, the OHIO Office of Sustainability started organizing the new group, and its first meeting was held in January of 2013.

All Ohio University students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend SOUL meetings, which are held from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in Baker 230. The Fall 2015 schedule is as follows: 

Wednesday, Sept. 9: SOUL Meeting - Waste Reduction Sub-Group (Topic: Single Stream Recycling)
Wednesday, Oct. 7: SOUL Meeting - Energy Efficiency Sub-Group (Topic: BM1 Strategy)
Wednesday, Oct. 21: Coffee Hour - Energy Infrastructure 101 (Guest Presenter: Joel Baetens)
Wednesday, Nov. 4: SOUL Meeting - Built Environments Sub-Groups (Topic: Transportation)
Wednesday, Nov. 18: Coffee Hour - Investing and Fundraising, Outreach and Education

More information can be found at www.ohio.edu/sustainability.

Get Involved: 
The Ohio University Office of Sustainability is dedicated to supporting sustainable behaviors, programs and policies within Ohio University by ensuring the University’s actions are inclusive of the triple bottom line: people, planet and prosperity. To learn about various sustainable efforts that departments and other groups are exploring at OHIO, please check out Sustainable Ohio University Leaders. More information about SOUL and the Office of Sustainability can be found at www.ohio.edu/sustainability or by calling (740) 593-0460.

This article was provided by Ohio University's Office of Sustainability.