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'Snapped Cats' captures interesting faces this summer [PHOTOS]

"Snapped Cats" is an Ohio University Communications and Marketing produced photo essay series that captures some of the interesting faces of people found on or around the beautiful Athens Campus.

The series allows the subjects to share a thought or two that is fun, opinionated, informative or thought-provoking.

It also gives our talented photographers an opportunity to share their unique skills and creativity with you the audience. Enjoy!


Shelby Martin, doctoral student in clinical psychology from Ann Arbor, Michigan

I just moved here for school, but I can tell that Athens is going to be beautiful in the fall when all of the trees turn colors. I've been enjoying running on the bike path. One of the highlights of my summer was vacation with my parents on Sanibel Island in Florida.


Rakib Ul Hasan, master's student in human and consumer sciences from Bangladesh

The Athens Campus is neat, clean and quiet in the summer and I like it. I've met some new graduate students and everyone seems friendly. The whole campus is beautiful so I know it will be hard to have one favorite place to visit.



Jamile Dos Santos Pinto, junior chemistry major from Salvador, Brazil

I took classes all summer so that wasn't exactly fun, but I did meet my boyfriend. He's Russian, 33 years old and graduated from Ohio University, but now lives in Dayton. His parents still live here.



Marquis Maines, junior, interactive design, Cleveland

My favorite thing about summer in Athens is the scenery. I also love eating at Chipotle. One of the highlights of my summer was going to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cincinnati.



Heath Timmer, a vagabond traveler from Holland, Michigan

I'm impressed with Athens because it’s a college town that is warm and friendly in the summer. The uptown area is not too large, it is fair sized. Ohio University definitely breaths life into the Athens area. I love summer because for me it is traveling around the country after working hard all winter.


Linda Rice, professor of English from Warren, Ohio

This summer I traveled with my mom to New England and Washington D.C. I also love the energy that comes to campus when the students return. While we were in New England, I ordered the lobster roll and clam chowder at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It is one of the oldest continuously operated inns in the United States.


Katie Marlin, freshman, history major from Canton, Ohio

The highlight of my summer was getting ready to come here for college. I like the personality of the Athens Campus and I'm excited about my first college classes and living in my residence hall. I'm finally going to study something that I'm interested in.


Kayla Twining, junior majoring in accounting and finance, from Wellington, Ohio

One of my favorite events of the summer was spending a whole day at Cedar Point. I like summer in Athens because there are no lines anywhere and there is always plenty of parking available. I'm also looking forward to an easier class schedule this fall. I'm preparing to go to Nicaragua in the winter for two weeks so I'm not taking as many classes this fall. I'll be with about 20 students and two staff members during the trip.  



Roger Cooper, the director of Ohio in Los Angeles Program at Ohio University

One of the things I like about summer in Athens is how quiet it is. Since there are not as many people around, you can get around town faster. When it's not raining, the weather is also pretty good in the summer.


Jamie Patton, assistant dean of students, native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The best part of my summer was traveling to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas where I went down a 60-foot-water slide. When I'm on campus, I spend a lot of time in the Front Room Coffee House. When I'm off campus, I like eating at Casa Cantina and Shade on East State Street. I'm excited about the fall semester because we have great programs scheduled from start to finish.