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The 'real Jerry Maguire' shares expertise with students

Leigh Steinberg leaves students with career advice

Famed sports agent Leigh Steinberg shared his knowledge and expertise with Ohio University students on Sept. 17 as a guest speaker for the College of Business.

Known to many as the inspiration behind the Oscar-winning film, "Jerry Maguire," Steinberg has used his knowledge of business and sports to inspire athletes and civilians alike for many years.

Hosted by Ohio University’s College of Business, Steinberg gave an hour-long talk about his upbringing, understanding the sports industry today, and what students should do to stand out in the industry.  

Born and raised in California, Steinberg received both his undergraduate and law degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Beginning his career in 1975, Steinberg has managed more than 300 notable athletes in football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, golf and Olympic sports. He not only managed his athletes’ financial endeavors, he also encouraged them to showcase their non-athletic power and make a difference, especially with youth.

“Athletes have the power to permeate the screen rebellious adolescents put up against authority,” says Steinberg.

Steinberg has a history of giving back. In college, he served as student body president. He then went on to educate others on the dangers of concussions. Today, he says he continues to help charities around the world and has donated more than $600 million dollars throughout the years.

Despite his extensive amount of expertise in both the business world and athletics, Steinberg says it had little to do with his success as an agent. Instead, he credits his knowledge of psychology as his best skill.
“[If you] put yourself in the heart and mind of a person, you can navigate any situation,” says Steinberg.

Closing his speech, Steinberg put himself in the shoes of Ohio University students. He shared with them how important it is to secure internships and distinguish themselves from their competition.

“What can you do to make yourself irreplaceable and unforgettable?” asked Steinberg.

Steinberg’s 2014 book, "The Agent: My 40-Year Career Making Deals and Changing the Game" is still available.