Angela Kirtdoll

Photo courtesy of: Patton College of Education


Alan McMillan

Photo courtesy of: Patton College of Education

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Advocacy and Leadership Summit provides community with advocacy and leadership skills

The Patton College of Education will host its annual Advocacy and Leadership Summit on Sunday, Sept. 20, 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Nelson Commons 146.

This free event, which is open to all students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community, will help you discover how to be a strong advocate in your profession and in your life.

The first speaker, Angela Kirtdoll, has worked in college access and success grant-funded projects for almost 20 years. Her most recent assignment was as a student coach with Project HOPE, a grant-funded program providing income eligible students with support and guidance focused on program completion and job placement.

She will be sharing with each participant the Change Style Indicator, a leadership assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change. It provides leaders of all levels with insights on personal preferences for managing through change and provides context for how those around them might perceive and respond to their preferred style.

The second speaker, Alan McMillan, is the founder of LearnEarnRetire and coaches young people on how to navigate from campus to career to financial independence. He speaks on college campuses across America to thousands of students each year and publishes on many websites, including

He will be discussing how personal strength (self, career, and financial) will position you to become a powerful leader and advocate. You will learn strategies to build your brand as an advocate and leader, expand your network, have a successful job search, and along the way, build true financial independence. You will also learn actions and tactics you can deploy to be an advocate and leader with a strong platform to grow your success.

Lunch is provided at the event. Come build your advocacy and leadership skills!

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