Tantrum Theater McDavis shakes hands Dennis

President Roderick J. McDavis shakes hands with Daniel Dennis, artistic director for Tantrum Theater

Photographer: Jacquelin R. Weber

Tantrum Theater poster

Tantrum Theater poster for 'Little Shop of Horrors" play

Photographer: Jacquelin R. Weber

McDavis and Dennis pose

President Roderick J. McDavis (left) and Tantrum Theater Artistic Director Daniel Dennis (right) pose for a picture

Photographer: Jacquelin R. Weber

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University’s new professional theater in Dublin celebrates inaugural season

More than 40 students involved in first production

Ohio University’s Tantrum Theater welcomed President Roderick J. McDavis and approximately 170 guests to Dublin, Ohio, for an Inaugural Season Celebration and performance of “Little Shop of Horrors” on June 18.  

Tantrum Theater gives the University’s Fine Arts students greater opportunities to work alongside theater professionals. In this inaugural season, Tantrum will hold 57 performances of three different shows, hold arts workshops for children of all ages, and have donation-only performances to accommodate viewers of any economic background.

“We are honored to have received such a warm welcome in Dublin, first with the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Dublin Campus, and now with Tantrum Theater,” President McDavis told the crowd before the performance. “I am delighted to be with you tonight as we celebrate Ohio University’s newest partnership with the City of Dublin and the Dublin Arts Council.”

Tantrum Theater Artistic Director Daniel Dennis said that what started three years ago as a conversation between the College of Fine Arts, the City of Dublin, and Dublin Arts Council Executive Director, grew into a reality with the help and support of Dublin City Councilmembers and administrators, Dublin Arts Council staff, and the leadership of Ohio University.

Dennis said the production created work for more than 13 faculty and staff and 41 students from the University, as well as 18 guest professionals from across the country.

“Tantrum’s very first production, Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s wonderful B-movie monster musical Little Shop of Horrors, includes the work of many talented people,” Dennis said. “These numbers represent just those working on the first of three productions that we are creating and sharing here in Dublin this summer.”

Rachel Cornish, who acted as interim producing director, has now moved into her long-planned role as founding producing director.

“Everybody had a great time. I believe all of our guests were pretty impressed with the caliber of work that has been done by Tantrum so far,” Cornish said. “It was a wonderful event to have to showcase what happens when the University comes together with outside partners to bring additional values into the communities where we operate.

Tantrum Theater also welcomed its newest member, producing director Ian Wolfgang Hinz. The alumnus from Cleveland has worked professionally for more than 16 years as a producer, director, designer, director of operations, and theater educator in both Ohio and New York.

For the time being, all shows will be performed in the Abbey Theater in Dublin, Ohio. The City of Dublin has plans to complete the construction of a performing arts center in 2021, which will be part of the Bridge Park development.

Tickets and a full performance schedule are available by calling the Dublin Community Recreation Center at 614-410-4550 or by visiting www.tantrumtheater.org. Regular tickets will be priced at $27.50. Student tickets cost $10, with a valid student I.D. and are only available for purchase at the Dublin Community Recreation Center. There will be several preview performances throughout the season, which will be Pay What You Will performances.